Wednesday, September 9, 2009

E-1 also known as Mevasseret Adumim

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(Flag and Signs) (Some of the Crowd) (Ayelet adding cement!)
This pic by Jacob Richman
The area we live in is called Maale Adumim. In the area, due to the red rock, evidentally, there are a number of towns that have "adumim" in their name, such as Kfar Adumim, Mishor Adumim, etc. There is one area though whose name is not only an "adumim" iteration but also is fortunate enough to be called by a special code name.

The area of which I speak is called Mevasseret Adumim also known as "E-1." The letter "E" in this name indicates "EAST," as this is the first parcel of land that is East of Jerusalem. This area, this small few square kilometers, is a source of international controversy. From my side of the mountain, I can not see E-1, but every day when I go to the Bet Kenesset or virtually any other place in Maale Adumim, I see this area. The only thing that is there now is a beautiful Police Station with many square kilometers of nothing but rolling hills. (In my mind's eye, I already see thousands of Jews living there with some beautiful scenery, as well!).

It is in this area that the Arab world has protested to the world community that Israel not be permitted to build, as it effectively would prevent them from having a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capitol, if E-1 were to be built up. Israel, on the other hand feels that this area has significant strategic significance; it is part of the Land of Israel; it is in the domain of the municipality of Maale Adumim and indeed its building up would make Jerusalem and M.A. one continguous body.

President Obama has "forbidden" new construction in the area and it seems that our Prime Minister is going along with this as well. However, two days ago there was a HUGE demonstration in E-1 with what was SUPPOSED to be a ceremonial ground-breaking but became something else. Since the police said they would not allow a "ground-breaking" ceremony, instead there was the burying of a jug with documents attesting to the day's events and the claim of the Jewish people to this land. Thousands attended, including most of the school children in Maale Adumim, members of the Keneset, Mayor Benny Kashriel and many dignitaries. Unfortunately, a prior engagement kept me away, but my family was there to witness this historic day and took a number of pictures.

I feel very strongly that we will indeed see this area built up in the not-too-distant future by JEWS who wish to strengthen the connection to the Land and to the eternal capitol of the Jewish people: Jerusalem!

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  1. Why did you write that Obama has "forbidden" construction? Do you have a direct quote? I don't think so because its not the type of thing he would say. Construction plans in E-1 were suspended by Prime Minister Barak way before Obama was even a Senator.