Saturday, May 23, 2009

Erev Shabbat and Shabbat in Jerusalem

Andy and I arrived in Yerushalayim 9:30am and by 10:30am we were already in a meeting. However, while we were indeed meeting with our engineer (who had surveyed our home) it was in a relaxed atmosphere in an outdoor cafe off of Emek Refaim. The temperature was about 24 (gotta start thinking metric!), there was a beautiful light breeze and the aroma of a nearby tree was intoxicating. Not a bad way to hold a meeting! We were very gratified to find that there was not a single "major" issue with our home from the view of the engineer (Chaim). While there are issues that need to be addressed (some more critical than others) none were "deal-breaker" type of issues...Baruch Hashem.

After meeting with Chaim, we took a nice stroll from Emek Refaim towards the center of town, stopping along the way at a few small shops. We also had the opportunity to meet up with a delightful couple living currently in Yerushalayim, who will be living in the same building that we will be living. It is amazing to me how nice all of the people are who will be living with us in the same building.

(By the way, we actually have an address now! We will be living at Rehov Mitzpe Nevo 114/1, Maale Adumim. When I saw the address, it felt sort of like a baby-naming, as it became OUR identifier here in Israel as to where we will be located) Yerushalayim...need I say more? What a glorious, restful and spritual day it was! Between the three different places we davened (no, not because, "I would never walk into that shul" kind of attitue!) and the company, the food, and the aroma of Shabbat in Yerushalayim...all of that added up to a picture perfect 25 hours.

And now that Shabbat is over, the business of business is starting again! We are off to the stores tomorrow to explore various models of appliances that we will need to purchase (after returning on Aliya, so we can take advantage of the Rights of the Olim). A lot of thought needs to go into this step! We will end our day at a wedding here in Yerushalayim for the son of a friend of our's from Chicago. (I can not believe that in all the years I have been coming and going here I have NEVER been to a wedding here!).

Well, best be going now to rest up before the next two days of intensive "work." (While I term it as is a TRUE labor of love!)

Oh, one last thing..over Shabbat, when we met any people whom we did not know, and they were told that we were making Aliya soon, they all were SO happy to hear this and gave us both tremendous "chizuk."

Hard to believe that we get on the plane to go to JFK 42 days from tomorrow. The getting louder and louder.