Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Had Our first "Guests"!

On Wednesday morning, we were about to go into our house to continue doing what we needed to do when suddenly, we saw a couple we knew who were in the process of checking out Maale Adumim! We invited them in to see our place to get an idea of what was available. When they entered the home, it occurred to me that they were our first "house guests" ever! We would have offered them food, but there is no fridge or food. Water? No running water yet. A place to sit? Nope, not just yet. But, DUST? You can have all that you want, and no extra charge! It was really nice to show someone around albeit with no amenities to share.

We also had another "bashert" moment when our immediate neighbor happened to stop by to do some things in his place. So nice to meet all of those with whom we will be living soon! In between wining and dining all of these "guests" we managed to get a lot done. I had to give in to Andy on certain items that we decided to bring based on placement and measurements and she had to give in to ME on a couple. So, all in all it was a productive day as we were able to make many decisions in various departments, so to speak. In the middle of it all, we borrowed a couple of chairs from a neighbor on which to sit while we discussed certain things. At one point, we took the chairs outside to sit on the patio of our "geena"/yard to talk. It was then, as I sat outside our home, gazing upon the beautiful mountains, homes and sky that it hit me...THIS is home. THIS is what my life will soon become. What a change and what a difference this will all mean, and I am certain it will in no way be easy. BUT, it will all be for the best IYH!

Last night, we were invited over to some (new) friends where we picked their brains and ate pizza (hmmm...what a combination). On the way home, we bumped into former Chicagoans (the Hirsch family) who invited us over to see their place here in Maale Adumim as well. Beautiful place and warm hosiptality...

One humorous note...this morning at Tefillah, at one point I could not hear the Torah reading...not because people were talking or because he was reading too softly. The reason? There seems to be some exercise going on in the IAF (Israel Air Force) and a number of fighter jets flew overhead and obscured the sounds of the Torah reading! Can't say that this has happened to me too often in Chicago :)

Ok, off to the house for more work and decisions including meeting someone to order screens, security bars and other fun stuff!