Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reaching New "Lowe's"

Our day on Monday and Tuesday was filled with joy as we crossed many items off of our list of items to buy. Monday was Sam's Club (twice...more on that in a minute) and Tuesday was Lowe's (twice...more on that in a minute...getting to see a pattern?!?); Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and CVS. It was such a feeling of accomplishment to cross SO many items off the list of "TO BUY IN CHICAGO." But, why TWO trips to the aforementioned stores? It certainly was not because we enjoy them so much! Last night, we arrived at Sam's Club half an hour before closing with our sights set on box springs (x2), bed frames (x2) a bottle of Glenlivet (not for us...honestly!) and one or two other items. We checked out of the store with time to spare. I pulled the van around, we loaded the first box spring in and then...(cue music played when tired couple realizes they are in trouble)...we saw that the second box spring would not fit in the van! Our choices: leave one there for someone homeless; cut a sunroof in the van to accommodate this item; or...make two trips while one of us drove home (me) and one of us (Andy) stayed with the offending box spring. So, two trips for a one-trip stop.And Lowe's? We were there at 7:40am this morning and picked out some items we had on our lists. We brought the items home and then, there on the counter, staring at us almost with a smug little smile was a coupon for $10 off a purchase at Lowe's. I KNEW we had the coupon but I forgot to bring it along! When you are dealing with so many dollar signs as we have been lately, a savings of $10 is truly worth, back to Lowe's, again, this evening to refund and re-charge the list LESS the $10...capitalism triumphs again.

Tomorrow is the day I have been dreading since making our TO DO lists. It means a trip to Ikea! BUT...cue horror music...I need to go to TWO different Ikea stores!!! AAARRGGGHHH....They do not have all the parts we need in one, so it is a double dose of Ikea for me tomorrow. BUT...the one saving grace is that I am going alone...with no myself...and I can go at the pace I WANT to go. It will be a much faster venture this way, but it still IS Ikea, after all...OY...say a special prayer for me please.

Later on in the day tomorrow it is a trip to go pick up the two trundle beds we ordered and then Friday off to the store in Elk Grove for some 220v items we bought.

Hmmm...what are all those bare spots on the walls...that was where the pictures were....or, was that where the clock was??? How quickly our minds fail us!

It is Wednesday evening at is now 31 days 12 hours and 28 minutes until we board the plane to NY...TICK...TICK...TICK!!!