Monday, July 27, 2009

"There's a Cat in the House!" and SOME pics

(The pics above are just a small drop of the many I have. As soon as I can figure out how to post an album and also some video, I will do it. The pics (I believe should be self-explanatory). Once we are set up I will send more pics of the inside of what is shaping up to be a beautiful home BH!
It was 3:30am and all was peaceful in the Shandalov home in Maale Adumim on Motzae'i Shabbat. The cool summer breeze wafted through the windows and all were sleeping soundly. Suddenly, a shout was heard throughout the the house: THERE'S A CAT IN THE HOUSE! Now, if we OWNED a cat, that would not be cause for alarm. but, we do not (and never will) own a cat. Not only that, that meant that some STRAY cat carrying who-knows-what kind of diseases was running through our house. I jumped out of bed only to find the poor little animal running scared through the house. I chased him/her/it downstairs where it got cornered in the Security room. Andy opened the window and it jumped out. Truth is that (due to it being the middle of the night) I was more afraid than the cat, but I was not about to let the cat know that. I had to show him/her/it who was boss. How did he get in? I think that we had left open the door on our mirpesset in our bedroom a little bit and it was able to sneak on in. Won't be making THAT mistake again!

On Sunday (remember, it is a regular workday here), Andy and I went to Zvia to meet with the new Olot Chadashot who will be going to this school and to get a briefing about the upcoming year. This is a semi-private school...full tuition: (apprx) $2500 per year before any kind of scholarhsips etc. That is for High School...for the entire school YEAR...and that is not a typo! Yes, $2500 per year and that includes lunch every single day. (Does it sound like I am making more of a pitch for Aliya maybe!?!)

After spending the day in Jerusalem for a couple of meetings and going out with my in-laws in the evening, it was back home to get a few things done. I left Andy and the girls in J'lem and headed back earlier than they did. As I approached the house, I got the sinking feeling...Hmmmm...I am locked out as THEY had taken keys and I had not! So, all good plans got sidetracked and I just went to the Bet Kenesset and learned for a while awaiting their return with the precious keys!

It is now Monday morning and lots to do. Time to get to work!