Monday, June 14, 2010


A few moments ago the news was received that three police officers had been shot in the Southern Hevron Hills area and that one of them just died. In additon, there have been a few other terrible incidents the past few days. All of these have been as a direct result of the closing down of some of the checkpoints on the roads and allowing the Arabs to travel freely. This then enables these terrorist animals (sorry to insult the Animal Kingdom) to roam freely for their next victim. Once again, Israel gives up something and in return receives violence and murder. We give away Gaza (and by doing so hurt the lives of 8000 Jews!) and we get Hamas and murder. We once again have the same scenario in the area that checkpoints are closed down.
And what concessions and "gestures" do the Arabs give/make? Do we have Gilad Shalit? Do we have a recognition of the country as ISRAEL? Do we have less preaching of hate and muder and death to the Jews? Do we have any less TV shows aimed at little kids to glorify jihad? One simple answer to all these questions: NO. NONE of this happens because we do not demand it enough and the world does not care. If the world truly "cared" there would be more of an outcry about Darfur, the Congo and the list goes on and on. The same old refrain for centuries..and most clearly nowadays...demonize and marginalize the Jew and his country. If you do that the world will nary make a peep.
I need to go read the news now to read all the world condemnation that will pour in due to the outrage of the murder of the JEWISH, ISRAELI police officer. I am sure that the UN will have their inquiry and commission get right on that...The UN...HAH! That's a joke. The UN is truly the UNITED Nations...united against Israel.