Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Butterflies, Timeline and Dinner

So much to report, so little time in which to report it.

1. Butterflies: This past Shabbat at Mincha, we began to read (here in Chutz La'aretz) Parashat Korach. As soon as I heard the opening Pasuk, I had butterflies in my stomach. I have known for months (longer) that this coming Shabbat, Parashat Korach, would be my last one at KJBS. BUT, knowing it and being faced with the reality that this week has arrived are two different things. And since Shabbat afternoon, I have found myself, on numerous occasions, feeling the sense of the butterflies in the stomach. It happens at moments that I do not expect it and can last for seconds or many minutes. But, it is all for good reasons...the time is REALLY drawing close!

2. Timeline: This last number of days left in Chicago is SO busy with (BH) smachot and events that it is becoming difficult to schedule our packing of suitcases! Two weddings, 2 Sheva Brachot, 1 dinner (Arie Crown), people taking us out, etc etc...we actually sat down to make a timeline of what will be occurring and how to schedule the next few days. Our last Shabbat in the house will be this week (!), as we will B'ezrat Hashem be moving out next week on Wednesday (to my parents' home). If all goes well, then Bezrat Hashem, we will close on our home and will be "homeless" by Thursday. Daven that all should go well!

3. Dinner: I mentioned above that we had the Arie Crown dinner to attend. Well, we just got back 15 minutes ago from the dinner. I have attended dozens and dozens of dinners over the years, but this one was different on one level: As soon as it was over, I realized that Andy and I were "officially" over at Arie Crown! Our relationship with the school goes back to the early 1960's as we BOTH attended the school...all three of our daughters went there of tonight...we have finished our "physical" connection to the school. While our emotional connection will always be there, this is yet one more door that is closing for us in our waning days here in town. Our profound thanks to Rabbi Meir Shapiro (principal emeritus) and Rabbi Eli Samber (principal) for giving our children (and US!) a magnificent education. May you and all of the fantastic staff and administration of the school go מחיל אל חיל and may you continue to inspire children for many years to come!

Since things are not busy enough, my niece (Mindy) is getting married IYH on Tuesday. We are looking forward to this great simcha. It will be the last one of the family that we will be attending for quite a while. Emotional? Nah, not at all...yeah, right!

The clock looms quite large tonight. It is now 12 days, 10 hours and 46 minutes until we leave Chicago...TICK...TICK...TICK!!!