Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weather, Family and Iran

1. Weather: Seems like there is a lot of weather happening in the Eastern section of the United States...beautiful blankets of snow and things shutting down all over the place. While it is not as dramatic here, the weather did indeed take a turn here recently. I had commented not that long ago to someone that the heaviest coat I had to wear so far had been a fleece zip-up and was suprised at the mild weather this year. This person said to wait until February and "it will chill you to the bone." Being from Chicago (and believing that with the exception of two days in Vilna) I could handle any cold thrown my way, I shrugged off this comment and went along with my business. In addition, I continued to snicker (albeit under my breath) at those who were walking around with winter coats, scarves, gloves and hoods when the temperature was a balmy 12 (54) degrees outside. I mean, give me a break...if we had that temperature in January in Chicago, you would have seen people laying on the beach suntanning!
Let me tell you something...when you begin to get used to this nice weather for so-called winter and then you get hit with driving rain, strong winds, a little hail, temps around 5/40 feels VERY cold! While I was not happy being so cold, the upside of course is that it rained...A LOT, B"H. Yes, winter indeed does come (eventually) even to Maale Adumim!

This week, we had the pleasure of a visit from my brother, Dov. It was SOOO nice to see him and host him for Shabbat. We sat and talked for a long time and had MANY good laughs (usually at each other's expense!) But it truly was special to have family close at hand, albeit for a very brief time.

Iran has been in the news a LOT lately as every day there is another clim and counterclaim as to their intentions regarding fissionable material. For many in the world, it is merely an interesting news story. However, living in the region that Mr. "I'm-In-A-Dinner-Jacket" (our modern-day Amalek, may his name be blotted out forever!) of Iran has sworn to wipe off the map, we sit up and take notice a little more....and the rhetoric gets stronger and stronger. It will be somewhat reassuring when severe sanctions are place on them to at least temporarily prevent them from moving ahead with their "plans." I know that the average person does not write letters to his/her elected officials (and that is perfectly understandable), I urge anyone who has ANY say and ANY influence with media, politicians, etc to make some kind of noise to help support (at the bare minimum!) these severe sanctions being spoke about...But, I want to remind all of you that this is NOT just an "Israel" issue...this affects all of us both in Israel and anywhere Jews/Americans can be found.

Ahmadinejad is serious...take him seriously, please!