Monday, May 25, 2009

I spent a week in Jerusalem today...and my final post from Israel on this trip

WOW...what a long day today has been! It seems like "this morning" was about a week ago with all that we did today. The first part of the day was spent getting some pointers from my uncle and then going to various places in the center of the city. It was a beautiful day as far as the weather was concerned which made our long walks all over the area SO enjoyable. (We could take busses but why go on busses when you can breathe the air and get exercise at the same time?!)

After arriving back at "base camp" for a much needed rest, we were off again... this time back to Talpiot. In Talpiot, our goals were to look at pricing on various small electrical appliances, closets (again!??!!), light fixtures and a host of other items. Most of this leg work was to help us make our decisions a little easier when we land after Aliya.

While it was yet another grueling, long and busy day, it was an accomplishing one, as well. I feel very good about what we were able to accomplish today.

And now, it is time to get a little rest before we head to the airport (at 1:45am!!) for a 5:30am flight. It is a very tough time to fly but we had no choice but to be on the flight at that time of day.

It is very hard to believe that we are about to return, but this return flight to Chicago is different from all of the last 20 return flights. In the past, going on to the plane to return to Chicago was VERY, VERY difficult for me. However, this time I know that not only am I returning B"H in 43 days (the day we LAND in Israel is 42 days away but the day we begin the journey is 40 days away), but I will be returning with my family as ISRAELI CITIZENS! Getting on this plane, in a sense, is one of the last steps in the long journey of Aliya.

I can not fully express my gratitude to so many people who made this trip the succesful one that it was:

To all of those in Mitzpe Nevo who were so generous with their hospitality, ideas, information, housing, chairs, food and most of all their friendship and warmth. We are SO looking forward to being a part of your community, IY"H.

To all of those who helped our Aliya process vis-a-vis the house, including our lawyer, our engineer, our builder (he should keep building!), our security professional, our resident experts in the buildings already finished in our complex, our shipper and everyone whom I have not listed.

A special thank you to my uncle and aunt for hosting us in Yerushalayim and to Dov and Shoshana Frankel for hosting us in Mitzpe Nevo. May Hashem repay your kindness one-hundredfold, and may He shine His blessings on all who helped and offered their help.

So, this is stop into town will be on the Nefesh B'Nefesh flight (B'ezrat Hashem) on July 7, 2009 (the 15th of Tammuz)...until then, I will keep writing a record of our adventures and hope you will join me (both by reading the blog and--maybe??--by making aliya as well!)

Uh, oh...look at the clock...40 days less 6 hours until we board the plane for JFK! It really is getting close. Tick...tick...tick...