Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Restful Shavuot and Here Comes "Crunch Week"

What a beautiful Yom Tov this was! The weather co-operated and all was good for the Chag. Sadly, since I was still jet-lagged on the first night of the Chag, for the first time in 15 years, I was not up for the Mishmar all night. Other than that, it was a restful couple of days. It was nice to realize it was the last 2-day Chag for us and "strange" to have given my last Yizkor Derasha in Shul. As restful as these couple of days were... comes CRUNCH WEEK! One week from tomorrow the movers (Sonigo) come to pack us up (the items that WE have not packed) and to load the container for shipping to Israel. That means that this is the FINAL week for our decisions as to what is being shipped. it is also the week in which all those little (and BIG) items that we are shipping but have not yet picked up will have to be purchased and brought home. That means finishing the packing, visiting the bedding store, IKEA (Lo Aleinu), Home Depot and other miscellaneous places. It is going to be so much fun! (I guess I have a warped view of what "fun" is all about).

Well that is it for now. Today is Sunday and that makes it an "even" amount of weeks until we board the plane. It is 35 days from right now (or 840 hours until we board the plane to NY). It actually looks like we are going to really do this!

Five weeks....35 days...840 hours....TICK...TICK...TICK...