Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Money Talks...

...and it keeps saying "Good-Bye" !!! We spent a good chunk of time today in Talpiot looking at many items for the house. In VERY short order, we settled on and bought a stove, a cooktop, a washer, a dryer, a refrigerator, a crock pot and a hot pot. Boy, did our money talk there at the store. But, I must say it was all in all a VERY pleasant experience thanks to Ruby Karzen, who helped us through the entire "event." What could have taken us days was boiled down to an hour and a half!

We also spent time looking for "Aronot"/closets. As many of you know, homes in Israel (in general) are built with no closets so it is up to us to locate and purchase them. It is fairly easy since there are only about 54,985,443 different choices, so it is pretty quick to narrow things down. I figure by the time I am 433 years old we should have it all figured out! We will wait until our arrival to take care of this. Too much to handle on this trip.

One more thing that happened today from the category of "ONLY IN ISRAEL." We went into a money changer to change some dollars for Shkalim. I walked in and the person manning the store motioned to me to wait a minute. I stood there and waited for a couple of minutes and realized why he had asked me to wait...he had just finished eating and he was saying Birkat HaMazon! I love this country...

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