Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Im Eshka'chaych Yerushalayim..."

"If I Forget Thee O, Jerusalem..."

While it is late (at least by MY standards) I feel a need to put some thoughts down before going to sleep. As mentioned earlier, tonight I attended my very first wedding in Israel. The wedding was for the son of friends of our's (Roz Goldberg and Aaron Goldberg) and was held in Ramat Rachel in Yerushalayim. The ruach (spirit) of the wedding was magnificent. BUT, there was a singular moment that I will never forget as long as I live...the Chatan and Kallah (bride and groom) were standing outside, under the Chuppah canopy with the beautiful hills of Jerusalem in the background. During the ceremony, the band played the song of "Im Eshkachaych..." and here I was LOOKING at this beautiful city while singing it, and I became very emotional. While I have heard and sung the song hundreds of times over the years, hearing it and singing it at that moment was surreal. I will not...I can not--with G-d's help--ever forget that enchanting moment.

Tomorrow (Monday) is our last day here on this trip...Lots to do still...hope we can accomplish a little more before boarding that plane back to Chicago.

(One final note...we are staying at my Uncle Morty's home while we are in J'lem. His wife, Julie has owned a dog named Tikva for 19 years. We came home from this wedding on a high with visions of our future still in our heads, to hear the sad news of the death of her beloved pet. While the life of HER Tikvah ended, the life of our Tikvah, our Hope begins.)

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