Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Been a LONG Day!

After an eight hour layover in Warsaw, we finally arrived in Israel at 5am today (Tuesday...I think). It was great to finally be back and to hear Ivrit instead of Polish! After a ride in a Nesher Taxi for a while through Yerushalayim, we arrived in Maale Adumim by 7:30...just in time for me to daven Shacharit at an 8:00am Minyan. My body was telling me to daven Maariv, but the clock on the wall disagreed.

Since we shlepped four FULL suitcases of stuff to leave in Maale Adumim until we move, my arms began to protest that idea by the time I was eating breakfast. The fatigue of the travel, the moving of all the bags and the heat of the day made our STARTING our day a bit challenging, but start it we did!

Straight away to our new home to check out how things were moving along. One thing is quite certain: no two tradesmen respect the workmanship of the other. So grouting belongs on the counter and the paint obviously is supposed to be on the inside of the cabinets...but, welcome to Israel!

We did a run through our place to help us determine what we CAN bring and would have a home for here and things we would need to leave behind in the "Old Country." In spite of the heat, the house itself is quite cool and pleasant. I keep looking out the window and saying, 'This is our's and we are going to live here B'erat Hashem," but the words do not sink in...they hang out there like a fog.
And speaking of fog, we are both IN a fog so a well deserved rest was followed by planning out our next few days and what needs to be done. Lists of lists and lists of other lists. I must say that so many people have been so wonderfully helpful with everything and encourage our questions and investigations. Walking to Maariv tonight under the starlit night, the cool breeze and the smells of living near Midbar Yehuda all combined to tell me that we have made the right decision.

Off to bed in order to begin another day IYH tomorrow. Strength, patience and fortitude with a sprinkling of good humor...all that will help us get through the next few days.

Layla tov from Maale Adumim!


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  2. were you on the 400 bus from jerusalem to tel aviv this afternoon by any chance?

  3. Glad you enjoyed the view from your apartment - you are never going to get used to it. I can tell you that after 15+ years here. You are going to look and look and look and each time say, "wow, this is mine."

    Looking forward to having you in the neighborhood - give a shout if you need anything.


  4. No, I was not on the 400 bus the other day. Have been in Maale Adumim the entire time so far.

    I, too, hope that the beauty of the location will never wear thin and I will always be mindful of the zechut of living here!