Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DANGER: Week of Trepidation Ahead!

This week is one that will be filled with emotion and crunch-time. Let me explain. Emotion-filled because two of my long term classes come to an end this week. Ten years ago, in July 1999, I decided to run a class for women for 3 weeks. I figured if it worked we could continue the class, but if it did not work out, then after 3 weeks it would be cancelled and would try something else. Well, after TEN YEARS, this class ends this week. Every Wednesday morning for all these years, approximately 20-25 women come to KJBS for the Ladies Navi Class. This 45 minutes per week is a true highlight of the week for me personally. And how sad it is that it comes to an end this week. And even sadder is the fact that we are concluding Sefer Melachim with the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash! But, as they say, all good things come to an end, and I will miss the group tremendously!
Then, this week will also mark the end of the Jewish History class that has been going for a few years. We began in the time of Yochnanan ben Zackai and will conclude with the Six Day War in Israel. It has been a wonderful journey and my thanks to all of those who participated in the class, either in person or by listening to the audio sent out on the internet.
It will also be the last week of "normal" teaching for me at Ida Crown, to be followed by review for finals shortly.

Finally, this week marks our last full week to prepare, pack etc for the lift that we will be shipping to Israel. The sounds of packing tape being stretched across boxes, the sounds of boxes being assembled, the calls of "Do we keep this or give it away?" fill the house now more than ever before! It truly is crunch week.

Then, soon, we will have to make that final trip to (LO ALENU!) Ikea to make the final arrangements for the items we will be sending along to Israel. The thought that we will spend yet ANOTHER chunk of our lives in the cavernous building from Sweden makes me shake and get all nervous.

But, "gam zeh ya'avor," this too shall pass...

Oh, one more thing...I JUST got an email from Nefesh B'Nefesh--we are now 100% "officially" on the July 6th NBN flight out of JFK!!!!!!!!!!!! For anyone who will be in Israel on July 7th is invited to come to ben Gurion for the welcoming ceremonies. Once the registration for that opens up, I will let people know, since you have to register with NBN to be at the airport for the festivities. I am so excited...

56 Days...tick...tick...tick...


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  2. don't forget about the summer class you held for us- good times.

  3. I remember that and the class-time VERY fondly! Now, it is time for everyone in your class to live up to the promise of MASS ALIYA...I will be waiting

  4. hopefully you won't be waiting for too long!!