Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Much has been happening...

...and every time I decide I am going to sit down and write, life gets in the way and prevents me from writing. I have had a number of people ask me if I have decided to stop writing this blog since I seem to post infrequently now. The short answer is NO, I am not stopping, but the frequency is the issue now. So, instead if belaboring the point, I will just mention a few short points about the past few weeks (as it is a few WEEKS since I last wrote!).

Probably the most significant thought to share at the moment is the STARK change in the air as the Yamim Noraim were approaching and getting closer. While I did not notice (sadly) a public attempt to better one's self in the Bein Adam LaMakom department (witness standing in "line" to get on a bus ...why do they call it a "line" anyways?), the general feel of a hurried pace, the massive amounts of shopping to hunker down for a three-day Chag (and yes, four of the next five years have this calendrical oddity!), the signs on the buses, the sales in the papers, the greetings offered in the street...all added up to the REAL feel that all around you a country and its people were preparing for the 10 holiest days of the year. It is an incredible feeling to be a part of the MAJORITY and know that there are millions of people out there (each on his/her own level) who were preparing for these days.

I had the zechut of being the Chazan for the first night of Rosh Hashana and the Ba'al Shacharit on the first day in the early minyan. What I truly enjoyed about the early minyan is that it was early and timed for saying Shemona Esray at HaNetz (sunrise). This meant that tefilla began at 5:40am (not a typo) but did not rush...we did not finish until 10:30am.
Weather still dominates the news and talk around here. Two aspects are topics of conversation: heat and water. On the "heat" front...while the horrific and oppressive heat of a couple weeks back seems to have dissipated, it is by no means over yet completely. Today is September 12th and here in Maale Adumim it is supposed to be in the 90's. Not complaining...just unusual to feel 90's in mid-September.

But on the "water" front...this is a more distressing thought...meteorologists have predicted this upcoming rainy season to be a VERY dry season...this means a lot of water conservation and dangerously low levels of water in the Kinneret. While the meteorologists can prognosticate all they want, we still know that our tefillot and our actions will be that which will decide what kind of rainfall we will get. So, keep davening and doing Mitzvot...we NEED the water!
As I mentioned a couple of posts back, life is about to get pretty hectic with me acting as co-ordinator of two youth programs coming to Israel. I do hope I will continue to write and more frequently. I also want to use this forum to ask Mechilla from anyone whom I may have slighted or hurt during this past year. May we ALL merit a wonderful healthy, prosperous, PEACEFUL 5771.

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