Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yom Ha'atzmaut--Better Late than Never!

Life got pretty busy and complicated the past couple of days, so I am just now getting to the write up about Yom Haatzmaut.

While I have been very proud to be an Israeli since 15 Tammuz, 5769 (July 7, 2009), I was MOST proud this week on Yom Haatzmaut. For the first time in my life, when I celebrated this momentous day, I truly FELT it! Whether the tefilla, the flags, the celebratory feeling, the greetings from strangers, the food, the music, etc...all made me FEEL the day as an INSIDER.
A large part of the day was spent in Neot Kedumim (not far from the airport) with about 2500 of my closest friends. There was a reunion of all of the Camp Moshava programs across the USA. I took my kids from the Netivot-Chicago program there and we all had such a nice time. I had the chance to re-connect with some people I have not seen since we made Aliya! Then, irony of ironies, we went to my uncle for a BBQ (Yom Haatzmaut tradition in Israel) and I could not anything!!
Remember when I said life had gotten busy? Well, I suddenly developed an infection in a tooth which decided to hurt the most on Y.H. and made it impossible for me to eat. Since we had yet to choose a dentist, I needed a referral FAST! I had two people recommend the same person and I called him up and was given an appointment for the next day. I wasn't in the chair 10 minutes before he had to begin a root canal. Thank G-d he did it...I felt so much better!!!

(BTW, on the list of things that are cheaper in Israel vs. outside of Israel...add root canal to the list...about 1/3 the cost!)

Shortly after I began feeling better, I ran to Kfar Saba to be with one of the Netivot girls who had to be taken to the hospital (thank G-d doing better). Got home two in the morning, but glad that I went there altogether.

This Shabbat is a double special Shabbat! My parents, who are in from Chicago will be staying with us and the 7 boys from Netivot will also be in Maale Adumim for Shabbat (coincidence? I think not!)

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  1. This has a special resonance, and writing this brings a special sadness. I was verbally abused by bosses at 2 jobs for over 2 years. The first one was right after my ex served me a petition for divorce. I was there for 5 months. This was a tense time for me, yes, it affected my work. I didnt have many friends; I had no one I could trust at work. I was a good paralegal, but I fell into a terrible cycle that would repeat itself. I would do good work, but then since I am human, after all, I would make a mistake. My boss would chew me out, I would panic and feel bad at making a mistake, I would be very tense and was overly nervous, and of course, that led to me making more mistakes. She would yell at me more angrier than the 1st time, I would be even more panicky and make another mistake....and you see the pattern. So, in 3 months time, I was on the boss'es s _ _ t list, and stayed there til she fired me. It was pure torture. I wanted to die, especially when I woke up in the morning and faced the prospect of going in to face her. She would humiliate me in front of my co-workers, her bosses, the owners at the firm, and twice, she humiliated me in front of clients.