Monday, March 1, 2010

Purim--Part II

The rest of OUR Purim (ie, the 14th of Adar) was outstanding. I spent the (rainy) morning and early afternoon, delivering a few Mishloach Manot and participating in two great "events." The first event was just outside the Bet Knesset...two HUGE speakers were set up and there was LITERALLY dancing in the streets for Purim. The sun came out just at the point we were dancing! As cars came by, their drivers either got out and joined in the dancing or had to wait a while to be able to pass. One Egged bus had trouble getting through as a throng of kids from Bnei Akiva were dancing around the bus; the driver did not seem to mind at all...he was smiling the entire time.

Then, came time for Mincha...silly me...I expected a regular Mincha. Silly Oleh Chadash! The nusach of Mincha went back and forth between tunes for Rosh Hashana, the Chagim, Rosh Chodesh and weekdays. (A Kaddish to the tune of "GESHEM" was also wonderful)...but during the Chazzan's repetition of Shemona Esray, we sang and danced to various parts, especially for the Bracha of "Boneh Yerushalayim" and for "Modim." It was a wild that I will remember for a long time.

Then, mid-afternoon, we joined three other families for Seudat Purim. We had a magnificent time! Great food, divrei Torah, a fun game played by the adults and the kids all added up to a wonderful end to a great day. Our first Purim in Israel DEFINITELY did not disappoint!

Today (Monday, the 15th of Adar and Shushan Purim), we went into Yerushalayim to go to my in-laws for THEIR Seudat Purim. Going on the buses, standing in the streets, listening to the sounds of the was Purim EVERYWHERE you looked!! All I can say is: "WOW!" It truly was a memorable stop...PESACH and ONE seder. More on that at a later time...


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