Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It is December, Already?!

In my previous life, there were certain signs that December was coming up. These signs included drastic weather changes, certain music that was playing in a ubiquitous fashion anywhere I went, cheerful holiday wishes (ignoring the fact that not every single person walking down the street was celebrating the same holiday as they were) and, of course, the PARKING BAN that would go into effect on December 1st in Chicago. This parking ban ultimately led to the annual ritual of bringing out old, beat up lawn furniture to prepare it for use in the street when it would snow.

For the uninitiated in Chicago-ese, let me clarify the last two statements: In order to ease snow clearing, should it become necessary, the city of Chicago instituted a parking ban on hundreds of miles of main arterial streets for the overnight hours, in case it would snow and removal would be necessary. Even if it did not snow, one was prohibited from parking on these streets overnight. (This ban went into effect today and will remain until April 2010). And, another time-honored tradition: Once there was a snowstorm, and you finished shoveling out your parking place, the way you saved that spot was to put old furniture, chairs, etc to mark your territory.

And I have seen none of these signs...and yet, I turned the page on the calendar today to find DECEMBER staring at me...December without the carols, December without the snow, December without the sales, December without the....well, you get the idea.

INSTEAD: It is Kislev...the month of Chanuka...and you see it and feel it everywhere! In stores, on the streets, on the buses, in posters...everywhere you turn there are signs that Chanuka is approaching. It will be very strange when we light our Chanukia and look out our window to NOT see snow...and we will NOT see our green plastic chairs sitting in a mound of snow waiting to be thrust into service. But, that's ok...I don't think I will miss that.


  1. Ellen Sister in lawDecember 2, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    wish I was there. Have to wear my down coat today. load the poinsettas at target. No chanuka bushes!!!

  2. Never has moving to Israel sounded more attractive...

    Boston has the same 'tradition' of saving parking spaces with furniture. Fortunately they're a little less ridiculous about the parking bans, and the furniture is pretty much used to save the spot that you've put in the time and effort to dig out yourself. And woe to whomever decides to ignore those chairs, or at least to their paint job...

  3. Ellen: Forget the poinsettas...get Chanuka candles :)

    Josh: what a wonderful comment!Anytime you want to talk Aliya...I am ready to as well! Boston...Chicago...all the same with the attitude of what happens to the fool who moves the "official" lawn furniture... :)

  4. It seems we share a common dream.
    Don't know how this could have happened. We both have a common blog name; however, i began mine in 2007, but yours only started in 2009. Would you consider altering your name a little?

  5. I see that you also have "GOING HOME" in the title. I have no problem changing the title to "RETURNING HOME" as of today. Let me know...

    And, yes, we share a common that is attainable for most Jews...B'ezrat Hashem...