Thursday, November 19, 2009

Road Trip!

On Wednesday, I joined a few of my co-workers for a road trip, of sorts. Since I needed to be in Modi'in by 6:45am, I decided to spend the night at nearby Hashmonaim and then make my way to Modi'in early after Shacharit.
The purpose of this road trip was to visit seven or eight hotels/resorts/inns in the Northern part of the country to see their facilities, see their rooms and hear about what services they provide . This way, we can make informed decisions as to places to recommend to those coming to Israel for a visit. Some places would be appropriate for youth groups while others would be for high end travelers and others, still, for those in between.
The weather co-operated, and we were treated to a magnificent day with mostly blue, clear skies, gorgeous temperatures and a gentle breeze. Couple that weather with breath-taking views in the mountains of the Galil, the vista of the Kinerret and the food we were served along the way, all of that made for a MOST enjoyable and educational day. It is so interesting to see what some providers consider "deluxe" when it comes to accommodations while others would call the same room "superior" or "standard." Because there are different needs for travelers, there are indeed different options.

The day was a VERY long day for me since I was first awoken by the Muezzin (Moslem call to prayer) coming from loudspeakers from the nearby Arab village at 4:15am. I did not return home until after 9:00pm. BUT...well worth it! I had a very enjoyable time, and like I said I did in fact learn a lot.

One of the most beautiful views had to have been the view of Har Tavor...the area in which the battle with Devora Ha'Nevia, Barak ben Avinoam and Sisra. I could have sat there all day long!
By the way, for those of you who have stayed in Kibbutz Lavi's guest house, you will be amazed at the new rooms and all of the remodeling they are doing in one of the wings.

Now it is back to work at my desk and not in the field. It is almost Shabbat (tomorrow night!), and we are going away for Shabbat in Petah Tikvah. I am SO looking forward to going!

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