Thursday, September 17, 2009

A True "Obama-Nation"

Get it? A true "abomination"? This is how I feel as I look out over the area near our home, known as "07" (Efes Sheva) and see the building that is in process and knowing that this is the end (theoretically) to the new construction for a while. And I believe it IS an abomination. It makes the neighborhood I am in an OBAMA-NATION in that the building, or lack therein, becomes a tribute to President Obama and what HIS desire is for MY neighborhood. I do not see him as concerned about the build-up of fissionable material in Iran leading to a nuclear bomb. Nor do I see him as concerned about the trade in human slavery in Sudan.

But, building in 07 or in Mitzpe Nevo is an impediment to peace.

Hmmmm....a true Obama-nation! Maybe President Obama and Judge Goldstone should go out for a bite to eat. They would have so much to discuss...

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