Thursday, August 13, 2009

Installation Week

This week has been punctuated by various installation activity, both by me and various tradesmen coming in and out of our home. As far as my work...I mounted dozens of small Ikea (Lo Alenu) containers called Trones on various walls which will serve as additional storage for small items (including shoes). I also began installing various medicine cabinets and other storage type units around the place. The "problem" is that since the walls are cement, every single time I drill for these items it comes with a big clean-up time as well.

Then, we got our security bars and our screens on Wednesday. A group of four people very professionally installed the bars, screens and miscellaneous hardware during a 5 hour process. My neighbor, Avigdor Chen, working alongside his son, Moshe and two other fellows. They were prompt, courteous, and professional! I am very grateful, as I have mentioned in other posts, how special it is to have Dati workmen come to the home and do what they do. (BTW...VERY high recommendation to use Avigdor!)

While the bars were being installed, we also had a locksmith stop by to change our front door lock, the phone rang many times and the noise from the elevator shaft (where they are diligently working) was growing louder and louder. It was actually comical to sit back and take in all the activity and hubub going on!

Back to more installing...once the place is looking more organized (and we are getting there slowly but surely) I will take some pics and send them along.

There is a drill around here somewhere calling my name....

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