Monday, July 6, 2009

Step Two...

I am sitting at the gate at El Al awaiting our boarding of the plane. This morning, after a semi-restful night, we packed ALL of our luggage onto the airport shuttle and headed to JFK. Along with 240 other people, we shlepped our stuff through one line after another: NBN, El Al, security, a goodbye ceremony and on and on. As I looked around, I saw so many people who, I assumed, were going through such similar emotions: Its VERY tough, but it will be very REWARDING. I am SO glad that we said our goodbyes in Chicago! Watching all those people here saying goodbye and THEN to go right to the's murder!

I am already an emotional wreck. I am already tearing up at the smallest thing. In 12 ours, IYH, we will achieve our goal that we planned out years ago...arriving home. Speaking of arriving home...I am THRILLED to report that my dad is going home today! We are grateful to HKB"H that we can leave knowing that he is going to be at home.

Assuming all goes well, my next post will be as a citizen of Israel!

Until now, I looked at everything as the "last of..." And as of today...I begin to look at everything as the "first of..." of everything.

Finally, it was SO nice to have a friend [Ebby (Fettman) Marell] surprise us at the airport. Not only that, but on our flight is Adam Segal and family (orig from Chicago) making aliya, Shira Ozery, our Shlichat Aliya in Chicago and Shelly Levin who originally introduced us to the property in Maale Adumin that we bought!

I can not wait...time to go...L'Hitraot to all!!!!

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  1. Oh man, oh man, Rabbi Shandalov. This is SO exciting. In about 4 hours you will be touching the ground of Eretz Yisroel, finally arriving to live in your real home forever. Max and I are SURER excited to watch you and your family take those first steps (with your feet- since this is already 'step 2')