Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lists, Activity and Home-Ownership

Over the past two days, it has been a whirlwind of activities to continue closing up loose ends. I had on my To Do List literally a total of 32 things to do...and Bli Ayin Hara, I was able to get almost all of them done! These activities included: change of address at Post Office; termination of gas, electric, Comcast (internet); returning keys of other peoples' homes; arranging for rides to O'Hare for next Sunday's trip to NY (and on to Israel); giving away more "stuff," and on and on and on!

In the middle of all of this there were three significant was 96 degrees yesterday (35.5C) and our air conditioning decided it was too tired and conked out. Thanks to Max, we got our AC back in three hours, but not before it got up to 84 degrees in the house. And all of this was going on as we were trying to get ready for my niece (Mindy)'s wedding that evening.

But the one event that made the craziness of the day seem a bit more palatable was the news we got from Israel: THE HOUSE LOCATED AT REHOV MITZPE NEVO 114/1 is now officially ours! Our engineer, Chaim Milun (if you need an engineer, I can give a fabulous recommendation) did his final walk-through and approved it to our (also) fabulous lawyer, Aryeh Rachlin, who then approved the final payment. What began two and a half years ago as a dream on paper has now materialized into reality. HODU LA'SHEM KI TOV KI L'OLAM CHASDO!

Today's focus turns back to getting more little and big things done as we approach our final days in the house. Everywhere I go, people ask me how many days left until we leave. SO...

...10 days, 23 hours and 36 minutes to go...TICK...TICK...TICK!

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