Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friday...More Running Around

While I did not do as MUCH running around on Friday as the day before, it was no cake walk either. I had to be in Elk Grove and Elmhurst. I found the general vicinity of both locations fairly easily. BUT...finding the actual buildings I was seeking proved a bit more complicated.

It seems that to gain access to the holy ground upon which these two warehouses stand, one needs a post-graduate degree in Global Positioning Software systems and at least a rudimentary knowledge of the skills of a S.W.A.T. team. Directions may sound a little like this: "If you go down to the end of the road, make a left, turn immediately to the right, double back and head 33.4 degrees due West all the while turning the steering wheel only with your left hand...," then and only then, will you have the PRIVILEGE to find the warehouse of Sam's Store (220v items) and American Mattress!

But, I DID find the places I was seeking and I was successful in procuring every item we needed! Our list of "To Buy in Chicago" is almost 100% complete...we only lack one item that we will pick up after Ayelet's graduation from High School (ICJA) tomorrow. We are very excited about her graduation and that of Eliana from Arie Crown (as--enter nachas moment here--Eliana is valedictorian in Hebrew AND English!) but at the same time we feel bad that we are not focusing enough on these milestones, as we are so consumed with the Lift going this week. They have both been very understanding...we are deferring the celebrating until after Wednesday...

Yes, this week, we will finally shift from B.L.-time (Before Lift) to A.L.-time. I can not wait to have this event behind us.

There still is plenty to do, so why am I typing on my blog??!! Avoidance...complete avoidance. BUT, I guess I best get back to work.

28 days...10 hours and 3 minutes...TICK...TICK...TICK...

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  1. I love how you refer to B.L. and A.L. Only those who have been through it can really understand how all encompassing it is and what a relief it is when that truck is loaded up and headed out. You are almost there!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon(both in Chicago and in Israel!).