Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're Baaaaaack....

After an exhausting but exhilarating trip to Israel, Andy and I are back in Chicago. While there is SO much still to do before the LIFT goes and there is the Chag of Shavuot in the middle, as well, I am very gratified and happy that we made this trip. No doubt that to do the same amount POST-Aliya, we would have needed 3-4 weeks. So, it was very worthwhile!

We flew through Istanbul on the way back. The truth is that I was somewhat hesitant to fly Turkish Airlines, but it was the only one that could meet our timing needs. In a very stereotyped view, I expected to see people in Fez hats smoking hooka and talking to Humphrey Bogart sitting under slow-moving ceiling fans. I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful, modern airport (they EVEN had Starbuck's...more than I can say about Israel!). We had a 3 1/2 hour layover with almost no incidents. I say "almost" because we had one slight issue. For some reason, as we were getting ready to board in Istanbul, one of the security people said I needed to give him my passport due to an "issue" with the computer. I was to wait a few minutes and go over to the desk where he directed me to go. After a couple of minutes, I dutifully walked over, only to be told: "Passport? What passport?" Needless to say the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The guys asked me to point out the person to whom I surrendered my passport. We walked over to the security area and all said (almost in unison), we have no idea what you are talking about. Suddenly, visions of Andy going to Chicago with me sitting in Turkey (a Turkish jail perhaps??) danced through my head. I remained calm...and after about 10 minutes they located the passport and I was duly processed. I guess they did not want to mess with someone making Aliya knowing I had enough stress to deal with!!!

So, after this brief adventure, we now turn our focus to June 8-10 when our lift is packed and shipped. I have been referring at home to these days as B.L. and the days after the 10th of June as A.L. (Before Lift and After Lift) as there truly is a whole different focus now than after the lift goes.
I am pretty sure that when we were on the plane, the lists of TO DO items grew by themselves. I do not recall the lists being THAT long!!

Oh well...time to focus on Shavuot and the few days after. Shortly, two of my daughters graduate! Ayelet is graduating from high School (Ida Crown) and Eliana from grammar school (Arie Crown)...nope, life is certainly not boring at the moment!

39 days...Tick...Tick...Tick


  1. Ellen Radloff/sister-in-lawMay 28, 2009 at 2:25 AM

    omg your blog is great. I hope I can one day B"H visit you guys in Israel. It's been so long 1971 to be exact. I remember feeling wonderful there and how many people were experiencing Shabbos with me. We missed you , but I might be coming in June to say goodbye.

  2. Thank you! Sorry we missed you too but we were "in a better place" :)
    It is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long since you have been in Israel. Please know you always have a place to stay by us (the Usual and Customary charges will apply)...Would be great to see you in June too!