Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When "Sunday" Occurs on Wednesday

While techincally this is not a post about Aliya, I am including here in any event as its subject is the rare event of Birkat HaChama...

What a day today has been! For the past few days, in anticipation of the once-in-28-year Bracha of Birkat HaChama, I checked the weather forecasts almost on an hourly basis. At one point, there were reports that it would be storming in the morning, but as the week wore on, the forecast became more and more optimistic.

And then the big day came. I was so excited that by 5:00am I was up looking out the window to see if i could see stars to indicate that the day would be sunny. With trepidation and through sleepy eyes, I looked and saw the stars. YES! There would be Birkat HaChama!!

As our Shacharit wound down, I found my personal sense of excitement growing as the opportunity for which we had waited 10,227 days had finally arrived...the time to make the Bracha commemorating the exact moment that corresponded to the Sun and the Earth being the same relative position as at the time they were created.

We began by reading four Pesukim one at a time, one kapitel Tehillim and then...we all made the Bracha together--in unison---K'ish Echa, U'blev Echad. It was magnificent! The blue sky, the bright sun, the cool morning air...all combined to make this a most memorable Erev Pesach. We numbered some 70 people including some young children who will have the Zechut (IYH) to make this Bracha a few more times in their lives, as well.

It is with clear Shevach and Hoda'a (praise and thanks) to Hashem, that we had this opporunity to stand and make this Bracha!

May we all have the zechut (merit) to live to see the next time we make the Bracha on April 8, 2037, corresponding to the day AFTER Pesach, 5797. Pencil it in wouldn't want to miss it.

A Chag Kasher V'Sameach to all

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  1. Zev - I enjoyed reading your post When "Sunday" occurs on Wednesday. Keep your blog postings coming. Judy in St Louis, MO