Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vatterns and Nygrunds and Femmens, Oh My!

Now, before you think that the title to this post is a typo, think: IKEA! I can not tell you how many countless hours we have spent in that monstrous store searching for all the cabinets, book cases and various other items we need to put on our lift. Literally hours at a time. On one of our first expeditions, we spent two hours working with a salesperson on a series of cabinets for bathrooms, laundry room, etc only to find out that the amounts shown in their computers only vaguely matched the amount they actually had in stock, and, by the way are on close-out. SO....back the drawing board! We sifted through strange-sounding names like Vatterns and Nygrunds and finally decided on items they actually HAD in stock (and now WE have in stock in our house here in Chicago!). We also picked out beautiful bookcases that we will need to have delivered to us shortly before the lift goes in the beginning of June.

While these decisions are VERY time-consuming, it is both daunting and exciting at the same time.

Now that Pesach is behind us, the intensity TRULY begins...deciding what does and does not make the final cut as to keep or not keep; ship or do not ship; give-away or...well, you get the idea. We are going to have a "Moving Sale" (likely on May 3rd) so come early and get some great bargains! [Details to follow]

If at some point, you do not see me around, come look for me at Ikea. I will be the one sitting in a corner staring at more cabinets....

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